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01 Mobile

Development of responsive websites and mobile apps.

02 Software

Development of .NET desktop software for your business or your clkients

03 Web Design

Design and development of new websites, Re-design of existing websites.

About Us

No matter what is your need - small portfolio website, huge e-commerce shop, software solutions or even your own CMS or CRM for your business - we cover it all. If this is not enough - we'll get you on the top!


If the time is running out... if you needed your project yesterday... if your deadline push you... we are your solution! Our team works day and night to ensure quality and fast completion on your project.


Your project will be made with the latest techniques and technologies, so we know it will deliver the experience you are seeking - maximum speed, quality and compatibility. As a bonus - your design will rock!


More and more people use their smartphones and tablets for virtually everything. That's why we aim at making your project responsive and optimized for work on any mobile device!


We know the true power of SEO and how important is it. That's why we build every project with SEO in mind.Even our back-end development is including every vital SEO element ready to be deployed on the front-end.

What we are experts in

Web Design and Development

Our area of expertise covers all aspects of the web development – from the design of simple portfolio websites, through WordPress development, to the development of custom CMS systems. Our main goal is to deliver ready to run business solution, no matter of the type and size.

Mobile development

The world is mobile now and you know it. We know it too. That’s why all of our projects are mobile in mind. We optimize both our back-end and front-end to be working seamlessly on any smartphone or tablet. That way we ensure you can manage your business from everywhere and your customers have 24/7 access to your awesome products no matter where they are. If that’s not enough for you – we can also develop your own mobile application.

Desktop development

It’s not all about web. Sometimes you need good and functional CRM to manage your business. Sometimes you need a piece of software for your business needs. No matter what – we also get you covered here. Our desktop development is built with the latest .NET technologies, ensuring perfect speed and functionality.

SEO and Marketing

No business is business without good exposure. That’s where our SEO and Marketing experts comes in. All of our projects are SEO oriented, so your website got a high start from the beginning. But on-page optimization is not everything. That’s why we offer our high quality off-page SEO techniques to your disposal. Our main goal? To get you on that first page of Google, and to pin you there for a long time.

Graphic Design

We like beauty and simplicity. This is the reason to deliver the best design we can for any of your project. We aim at modernĀ  and user memorable, because it’s not just about how good it looks, it’s about how easy is for your customers to understand it and remember it. Logos, banners, brochures, anything you can think of – we deliver it just the way it should be -memorable, recognizable, beautiful.

Project Management

You are developing your own project but it seems it’s stale and going nowhere? It looks we can cover that. We will manage your project from the beginning to the very end. Our success rate in management? 100%!

Our work talk for itself.

  • 57 finished websites;
  • 12 mobile apps completed;
  • 14 desktop applications finished;
  • 29 custom scripts developed;
  • 7 CRM projects completed;
  • 73 projects managed;
  • 63 websites ranked on first page of Google.

Our projects are virtually for any niche you could think of – from local locksmiths to international banks.

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Some more facts in numbers

We are dead serious!

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What we value

Our four rules for perfectionism


We are not just developing working solutions. We constantly fight to bring world class innovation in serve to our clients and their projects.

Team Work

Without the talents on board we wouldn't be here today!



We strive for clear and honest communication throughout the whole development lifecycle, both with our clients and team members.


We always aim at the quality instead of quantity.

Who are we

Our services

Our Skills

We are a small team of experts in different areas. Our team work ensures we can serve effectively all of your business needs without compromise of the quality.

Software 93%
SEO 95%
Graphic 87%
BackEnd 99%
Mobile 90%
Marketing 95%
Web Design 100%
Business 90%

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments - drop us a note here. We will get back to you very shortly (we don't have social life).

+359 878778937

32 Zletovo Str., Varna, BG